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The project, “Our Knowledge, Our Practice, Our Stories" is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


The purpose of the project is to invite Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander women to participate and engage in conversations about the experiences of being a First Nations woman living in Australia and the ways we elevate the voices and work of this group in our workplaces and relationships.

The project research question is: "How do we actively engage, elevate and embed the cultural practices, knowledge, voices and work of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander women in our workplaces and relationships?"


There were four phases to this project:

Interactive feature articles dedicated to community:

Speaking with staunch and fierce Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander women about their own experiences of creating culturally safe spaces into everyday practice. These interactive feature stories went into greater depth to unpack these topics using interviews, storytelling and multimedia as a medium for sharing and learning. 

Database of resources:

Our community are responsible for the creation of industry-changing initiatives whether it be the production of resources, business development, learning frameworks, research papers and so many more amazing resources! An outcome of this project was to create a page where these resources could be regularly referenced and identified in a colour co-ordinated key. Even though this project ended on the 31st May 2022, it is clear that this database must continue, so if you have a resource you would like mentioned, send me the link! 

Podcast production of, 'Our Women, Our Stories':

This podcast was dedicated to the voices of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander women. I invited prominent and respected women from various sectors to share their thoughts on the research question. 

Project reflection for individuals and organisations: 

At the end of the project an interactive feature with a set of reflective questions was developed alongside submissions from mentors to  guide for industry leaders will be produced using multiple mediums (audio storytelling, photography and text). I, along with my advisors acknowledge that these conversations are ongoing and that no blueprint can be applied for working with each community. So the project guide is a curated set of reflection questions that can continue to be built upon through conversations with these relevant communities.

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