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Handmade Doa (Pink, Blue and Coconut-Colour Shell)

Handmade Doa (Pink, Blue and Coconut-Colour Shell)

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This 'Doa' (pig-tusk necklace) is hand-woven using the bilum-eight-figure stitch, it is woven with shells of a pink, blue and coconut shell (flat disc), shaped with shells (20mm in diameter). The centre of the Doa is adorned with cowrie shells.


"In 2012 during a visit to my village, Gaba Gaba I noticed my Uncle's Doa were made using coconut-colour shell, turtle shell and sea shell.  There was no plastic on his Doa.  This began my journey of researching our Doa, looking at how they were traditional made, then removing the plastic from my Doa and going back to shell. Because these Doa are made with shell, they hang a little heavier than the plastic made Doa."


This 'Doa' has been hand woven by Ranu James. 

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